LEGO birds!

lego british birds cuusoo

Anyone who knows me knows this. I love LEGO. And I love birds.
So what could be better than these – LEGO birds!!
How brilliant are they?!

I was so happy when a friend told me about these (thanks Andy!) and this LEGO-y website where you can go in and support different projects with a chance that these things may become actual lego kits. Cool!

So for all those LEGO lovers out there, or just simply bird lovers with a liking for good solid classic toys like LEGO, please support these birds!

The classic british birds in LEGO consist of: LEGO robin (my favourite!), LEGO bluetit, LEGO Kingfisher, LEGO woodpecker and LEGO puffin. Created by DeTomaso, these birds need your help or they may become extinct!! Show them a little love (and support) right here.