Fancy chocolates

handmade chocolates gift labelhandmade chocolates giftAnother of our Christmas gift making projects has been handmade fancy chocolates. Why spend a fortune on fancy ones when you can make them yourself, and obviously thoroughly test them too?!?
It was great fun, and smelt amazing. White chocolate and cranberrys, popping candy, hidden ginger, chocolate and chilli, honeycombe crunch, we made allsorts of varieties. I think the best one, which Monkin sadly only made at the end when we’d just about run out of chocolate was earl grey chocolate with a sprinkling of real tea in dark chocolate. It was delicious and the tea gives it a nice crunch as well as flavour… definitely be making those again!

Little felt mouse who lives in an Altoid house…

little felt mouse in altoids tin snuggled uplittle felt mouse in altoids tinJust like many others, I love Pinterest and all the wonderful things you can find on there. A while back I came across this gorgeous pattern by Larissa Holland for a little felt mouse who lives in an Altoids house. It became a must make of mine for christmas presents this year, and so Monkin and me set to work. It was pretty cute in itself watching Monkin sewing up little tiny bears and blankets… he got a bit too in to it though, wanting to make mouse sleeping bags and a whole load of other accessories for it!! Cute!

Felt Christmas decorations

felt robin christmas decorationfelt toadstool christmas decorationfelt squirrel christmas decorationFor a while now I’ve been wanting to design some of my own felt Christmas decorations, and over the last week I finally got around to it. I’ll be adding to the collection over time, a deer and a fox will complete this woodland set I think, then a snowglobe will be my next challenge… Pdf of my pattern available here.

Knitting a jumper with love

knitting chunky mens jumperknitting chunky mens jumperI’ve been knitting a jumper for Monkin. It’s my first attempt at knitting an item of clothing other than socks and scarves… this is real clothing!! I thought that if I got the thickest wool I could find and the chunkiest jumper pattern, then I could knit it up without it taking a million years, and without me getting bored and stopping.
Well, so far my theory has worked jolly well, it knits up so quickly and the wool I’ve used is really lovely, its got a nice grain and slight fluff to it as well as being really soft.
I found the chunky pattern for free here on Ravelry by Drops design and the wool I got on sale (Wendy Serenity Super Chunky in Loden), so when finished the whole thing will have cost about £24 and a whole lot of love!

UPDATE: Just so you know it turns out for the purl part of my stocking stitch I actually do a twisted purl instead of a normal purl, which has given this jumper an extra nice pattern rather than the normal stocking stitch (which would still look good)

Wimbledon weekend

wimbledon final murray federer heart hoop

This weekend was a good weekend. One of those that actually makes you FEEL like a weekend had taken place.

We went out for a friends birthday to a greek restaurant – yum, and we went dancing for the first time in ages, it was so much fun – proper dancing!! Great to get out and about in amongst all the packing and pickle at home.

Yesterday we watched the greatly anticipated men’s final match at wimbledon. It was sooooooooo good, but then if you watched it you don’t need me to tell you that! I think Murray played really well, and put up a jolly got fight for Federer, gave him a run for his money at first. The commentary from the BBC was rather infuriating though – going on about the Federer “genius” every time he’d done something boring, and no mention of any Murray “genius” when he’d pulled off some amazing shots! Better not get started on that one again… So we watched at the edge of our seats, ate snacks, drank tea, and I crafted, had a heart hoop and bird hoop that needed to get in the post today. Hooray! Poor dude though, he did so well, and amazingly so to even get to the final. At 25 or however old he is, Murray’s got a good chance of making a British win in years to come. Exciting stuff!

LEGO birds!

lego british birds cuusoo

Anyone who knows me knows this. I love LEGO. And I love birds.
So what could be better than these – LEGO birds!!
How brilliant are they?!

I was so happy when a friend told me about these (thanks Andy!) and this LEGO-y website where you can go in and support different projects with a chance that these things may become actual lego kits. Cool!

So for all those LEGO lovers out there, or just simply bird lovers with a liking for good solid classic toys like LEGO, please support these birds!

The classic british birds in LEGO consist of: LEGO robin (my favourite!), LEGO bluetit, LEGO Kingfisher, LEGO woodpecker and LEGO puffin. Created by DeTomaso, these birds need your help or they may become extinct!! Show them a little love (and support) right here.

Poorly crafting and granny squares

folk heart in heart embroidered little bit birdy hoopcrochet granny squares sewing in endscrochet granny squares blanket makinggranny squares sewn togetherHaving come down with a rather unpleasant bout of tonsillitis I spent the weekend poorly, being looked after by the lovely monkin. He cooked, he cleaned, he made me cups of tea, and cooked two of his speciality breakfasts, garlic-y lemony mushrooms on toast, and THE best thing ever, the blueberry, bacon and maple syrup pancakes which have now become rather a firm favourite of ours! Monkin makes THE best pancakes – he should have a pancake shop.

I spent most of my time reading (I’m getting through Katie Fforde’s back catalogue like there’s no tomorrow!), and crafting whilst watching poorly tv (hooray for poorly tv).

I made a new hearty addition for our Etsy Shop, and I finally got round to weaving in the ends to some of the crochet granny squares for my ongoing granny square blanket I’ve been making on and off for a couple of years.
It’ll be so good when its finished – I’m now aiming for this autumn, it’s quite a family affair, as my sister showed me how to make them to start with and did a couple of granny squares way back when, then Monkin did one (he picked it up suprisingly quickly whilst his face did some comedy concentrating expressions) and my aunt (aka the crochet guru) has been doing a some for me too. I’m making most of it, but I really like that its been made by others too, makes it more special somehow.

Little bit birdy

hooray card hanging etsyHooray! We’ve finally got around to sorting out our etsy shop Little Bit Birdy.
Its a little bit birdy, because we like birds, and most of the stuff we make ends up with a bird in it somewhere… mostly, but not always… there’s sometimes a deer!
There will be a mix of prints, embroidered crafts, crochet and knitted things, and a little bit of what takes our fancy.

Take a peek, we’ll be putting more stuff up soon, we’re just slowly coming out of our shell, uncurling each wing a feather at a time and giving it a little stretch, soon to be a fully fledged little bit bird-y!


Embroidered delights

embroidery needle bird button tinI’ve been working on a new collection of embroidered delights. They involve birds (as do most of my things), hearts (ditto), buttons (“), and a few other bits and bobs. I’m quite pleased so far, I’m always working towards the ultimate *what I would like on my wall* and these are fitting the bill, I have a commission of one too so we’ll see how that goes down. I’ll be showing more of the collection soon so keep your eyes (and toes) at the ready…