Vintage studio living

So we come to our studio living area…
When kids come round to our flat, there’s a few things that keep them entertained for a little while. One is to see how many birds you can spot, another how many squirrels, and another – how many deer… you might want to join in!sofa area with photo frames sukie cushion
The view will go around the room from the door and back again. Pointing out little snippets as we go…like this cushion by Sukie I got at a bargain price at a Brighton Open House a few years ago, and the Robin picture in among my family and friends photos, which I specially requested from my eldest niece and she did it in pastels and its amazing, I love it. Very special.bed and shelves areatoadstool light bedside table squirrel
I love this toadstool lamp. I’d wanted one for years and it made me so happy when I finally got my very own, its has such a comforting glow. The squirrel was originally meant to be a little addition to the balcony but he never got that far. So now he lives next to the toadstool. He’s got a good face. Always smiling, and not in a smug way, just in a way that’s pleasing, all be it coming from a pretend squirrel.patchwork pillows, bedding and cushions
These patchwork cushions were a charity shop find spotted by my mum just before christmas. They were an almighty bargain and are absolutely beautiful. They go really well with a good mix of bedding, and make bedtime feel pretty pretty.colour ordered bookshelf
goldfinch pot plant moisture meter and bird plant tags
I got this little bird a while back and it’s great. It sings to us when the plant is too dry, which is quite good as we’re pretty rubbish waterers! Once or twice he’s ended up in a glass of water though just to make him shut up!! Love his cheery yellow-ness.knitted monkeys and embroidery hoop framed fabricvintage books lord of the rings, nancy drewbookshelf pinocchio, vintage girl jug, london busstudio flat pink chair viewpink chair bird cushion, knitted cushionsewing material cupboard vintage tin and red iron
My fabric stash. peter rabbit embroidery
This peter rabbit embroidery is my very first  proper bit of embroidery I did aged 10. I used to go to my grans a lot after school, and as she was the ultimate sewing whizz she taught me how to do it properly. It was great, I got to use a hoop for the first time which I remember being very excited about and I learnt a lot about embroidery through Peter Rabbit.vintage vulcan sewing machine, cross stitch bird, honesty
My lovely friend cross stitched this bird for me a few christmas’s ago, it’s so special having gifts you know have been made just for you, she chose it cos it’s birdy, and I love box shelves, vintage pine drawers
We got these shelves a while back in an attempt to find more storage in our tiny flat for monkin to fit in better. They’re from ikea (but of course) and they are brilliant. So handy for storing away crafts and *stuff* into the boxes, and we even discovered that some wine boxes we’d picked up for free fitted in perfectly!! Don’t you just love it when that happens?! And even more so when you then have space on top for pretty things?! Hooray!enamel coffee pot vintage camera brownie photography
This brownie camera belonged to Monkins grandad. His mum came across it whilst sorting through some stuff and it turns out its still got a half used film in there! Got to get it processed at some point – wonder if the photos are still there…stag of dark water book, stag, paper vase, vintage tin and squirrel ornament shelf
This paper vase was from my mum and dad this last Christmas. Strange and sad to think this is the last thing I’ll ever have from him… The tin was my grans old ribbon tin and as I got quite a bit of her old sewing stuff, it’s now my old ribbon tin and very pretty it is too! The funny little squirrel ornament was from a lovely friend of mine, it’s so funny and kinda wrong with its fluffy tail and china body, but I love it and it’s good friends with the deer.daddys cat photo
This photo is one of my favourites my dad took. He was a member of two camera clubs and had got really into it. He took this on a special photography trip he’d been on, he liked the scene of all the gardening stuff by the door, and it was only after he’d taken the shot he realised the little cat had popped its head through the cat flap and made the photo extra special! The original of this is mainly orange instead of red and is much better for it, but as all our stuff is more red and turquoise I had a little fiddle with it so we could have a copy that would go in our place, so here it is. vintage cat doorstopThis little kitty is a door stop my gran made and its been around for as long as I can remember. We used to go an visit her when I was really tiny, and I remember playing with this cat then, it was made to match her old furniture, I remember she had swivelly chairs in this colour. Then she moved nearer to us, and so I got to spend more time with her, and played with this cat even more. When she passed away it was my keepsake request, and it stands by doors well.door postit notes and chalk note board
As we started preparing to move, wondering where to start and what we needed to do, we had dinner with some friends who offered us this top tip – write everything that needs to be done on post it notes e.g. cancelling services, changing addresses, etc, stick them on one door (the ‘to do’ door), then as they’re done move them onto another door (the ‘done’ door). It’s brilliant, and really works! My head feels so much better being able to see easily where we’re at with it all. Great top tip!

The most furniture in a bathroom… ever!

bath and bitsmirror reflectionbathroom mirror over sinkcollectors cigarette cards bird picturetrinkets star wars lego, squirrels, red riding hood snow globebird horse squirrel red buslaundry scrabble signweather house deer girlvintage mini gnome plant guards
In our tiny flat we are lucky enough to have a rather good sized bathroom (separate to the toilet) with a randomly large window ledge. So large is this window ledge that I actually used to keep a chair up there that could be sat on!

So this gets used for bathing (obviously) but also for the storing of many things, as space is somewhat of a premium in a tiny studio flat like this. Would you believe there are two chests of drawers, one filing cabinet and a round cupboard all fitting in here? Plus, my very useful storage unit in the guise of an old vintage metal dolls house. It’s the place for trinkets and random things. My friends find great amusement in there being the most furniture in a bathroom there could ever possibly be – well you’d hope at least…
It’s also the coldest bathroom you could ever imagine, there’s no heating, and direct holes in the wall to the outside world (don’t ask – it’s old and strange). It took me two years before I discovered what was the heater for the bathroom, a strange contraption hanging from the wall rather precariously – it took the edge off, but you literally get puffs of breath like your outside in the winter! brrr… this cold I shall not miss, nor forget!
heart stones with place names
The bathroom has gathered many things over the years, including our vast collection of stone hearts from all over the place. There are many from Brighton, but we try and get them from wherever we visit and memorable moments, so there’s Aberdeen, Cornwall, Devon, Northumberland, volcanic rock heart from Lanzarote, and I even found one in Hartington on the walk where we scattered my dads ashes. I can actually remember where we found each of them, and I love that. Little heart shaped momentos of time…


Sussex Festival of Nature

stanmer park cottagesgiant daisiesnational trust wood peeling wittlingsussex morris dancerspretty bee hive sussex festival naturehoneycomb bees beehive

On Sunday, Monkin had his little monkey with him, so we all went off to the Sussex Festival of Nature. Half way through the day it randomly turned into Summer again too so it was lovely and hot and sunny (and I was wearing far too many layers!)

There was loads to do there, big birds of prey doing their thing, pretty plants to buy, walls to climb (if you were a small person), bug houses to build (ditto), wood to whittle with the National Trust (looked very satisfying, shaving the bark off big posts of wood), morris dancing to look at, bee people talking bees, a lovely shepards hut (I want one!) and all sorts of other things.

Hooray for free festivals full of goodness!

p.s. please excuse the pics, only had mobile with me!

Sussex Festival of Nature 2012

LEGO birds!

lego british birds cuusoo

Anyone who knows me knows this. I love LEGO. And I love birds.
So what could be better than these – LEGO birds!!
How brilliant are they?!

I was so happy when a friend told me about these (thanks Andy!) and this LEGO-y website where you can go in and support different projects with a chance that these things may become actual lego kits. Cool!

So for all those LEGO lovers out there, or just simply bird lovers with a liking for good solid classic toys like LEGO, please support these birds!

The classic british birds in LEGO consist of: LEGO robin (my favourite!), LEGO bluetit, LEGO Kingfisher, LEGO woodpecker and LEGO puffin. Created by DeTomaso, these birds need your help or they may become extinct!! Show them a little love (and support) right here.