Fancy chocolates

handmade chocolates gift labelhandmade chocolates giftAnother of our Christmas gift making projects has been handmade fancy chocolates. Why spend a fortune on fancy ones when you can make them yourself, and obviously thoroughly test them too?!?
It was great fun, and smelt amazing. White chocolate and cranberrys, popping candy, hidden ginger, chocolate and chilli, honeycombe crunch, we made allsorts of varieties. I think the best one, which Monkin sadly only made at the end when we’d just about run out of chocolate was earl grey chocolate with a sprinkling of real tea in dark chocolate. It was delicious and the tea gives it a nice crunch as well as flavour… definitely be making those again!

Little felt mouse who lives in an Altoid house…

little felt mouse in altoids tin snuggled uplittle felt mouse in altoids tinJust like many others, I love Pinterest and all the wonderful things you can find on there. A while back I came across this gorgeous pattern¬†by Larissa Holland¬†for a little felt mouse who lives in an Altoids house. It became a must make of mine for christmas presents this year, and so Monkin and me set to work. It was pretty cute in itself watching Monkin sewing up little tiny bears and blankets… he got a bit too in to it though, wanting to make mouse sleeping bags and a whole load of other accessories for it!! Cute!

Mini victoria sponge cakes

mini victoria sponges tiny cake flagsToday is my mum’s birthday, and as I was at work all week I set Monkin the mission of cake baking whilst mum was out so it would be a suprise. All well and good til Monkin told me he’d never baked a cake before, but he told on the task gallantly and we opted for fairy cakes instead of great big cake to minimise suspicion on my mum’s side, and ease of baking on Monkin’s. He did a grand job, and when I returned from work on the day of secret baking, there was indeed a tray of lovely little cakes. He was a little deflated that they hadn’t risen too well. Turns out they don’t write in cake recipes not to open the oven, so he’d been eagerly checking how they were doing every 5 minutes (cute!) but not to worry… we came up with the most cunning of plans – Mini Victoria sponge cakes!!! A bit of butter icing and jam, a few hearts for good measure and they looked very jolly indeed.

After I’d done Monkin’s birthday cake with mini bunting, I didn’t want mum to have anything less pretty so I knocked up a few little flags on wooden sticks to finish off the mini cakes.
Turns out we succeeded in our mission and the result was a complete suprise and very tasty indeed! Hooray for Monkin’s first cake bake!!

Felt Christmas decorations

felt robin christmas decorationfelt toadstool christmas decorationfelt squirrel christmas decorationFor a while now I’ve been wanting to design some of my own felt Christmas decorations, and over the last week I finally got around to it. I’ll be adding to the collection over time, a deer and a fox will complete this woodland set I think, then a snowglobe will be my next challenge… Pdf of my pattern available here.


engaged feetengaged blue skyme engaged in woodsengaged in woodsengaged monkin and meengaged handHooray! Monkin and me got engaged today!!

We went for a lovely walk around the woods just south of the monkey forest. It was all bright and sunny, cold and crisp. The sun streamed through the trees as we walked and it was just beautiful. Monkin got down on one muddy little knee and asked me, and we officially became fiance and fiance! My ring belonged to his grandmother and it is so pretty I love it! Even though we’ve talked about marrying before it still made me so utterly happy I did a cry in my eye. Lovely, lovely Monkin and me are very, very happy. Love you Monkin.

Ups and downs

ups and downs barlastonups and downs treeups and downs autumn winter skyups and downs fungiups and downs fungi closeupups and downs fungi closeup2Monkin and me went for another walk in the ups and downs in Barlaston. Its lovely to get out in the countryside and see the seasons changing. Nothing better than getting outdoors and on top of a hill!
I love days like this when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the air is cold and crisp. As Autumn turns to Winter and the nights draw in, the daylight goes quickly and you get to see some truly beautiful skys.

And check out this fungi! Cool eh? I’m no fungi expert, so I’ve no idea what it is other than its pretty colourful! Any ideas?